Our office is filled with cubicles can you move them?
Cubicle moving requires a special skill to disassemble and reassemble. Great news is that we have handled many types of different cubicle configurations. 

Do I qualify for any discounts?
We offer 10% to senior citizens, students, active or retired military personnel, or if you like us on Facebook. 

Do you provide a last minute moves?
Yes, Give us a call at 972-765-4274 to secure a moving crew.

Can I do my own packing of fragile items?

We recommend that packing of fragile items is done by one of our trained professionals. However, if you feel more comfortable packing everything on your own, we strongly advice that all items are individually wrapped with packing paper or bubble wrap, having a 1/2 inch of cushion in between. All heavy items must be placed on the bottom of each box. All boxes needs to be sealed well and marked with the wording “FRAGILE!” Point A to Point B Moving is not responsible for over-packed boxes packaged by the customer that breaks during the move.

​Do items have to be disassembled? 
Yes. The movers will dissemble and reassemble the item. Please request this when scheduling your move.

Unpacking service?
This is one of our most popular services. Many of our customers sign up for this service so that you can get back to living and enjoying life.

Can I leave items in dresser drawers?
Yes but please remove all breakables. Remove all items out of dressers with non-secured doors.

We Guarantee the Best Service at the Best Price!

What protection will the movers provide for my items?

All furniture is required to be protected with blankets.
All TVs, glass items, mirrors, and paintings are required to have custom crating, box, or bubble wrap.
All mattresses and couches are required to be shrink wrapped.
All fragile items are required to packed properly with paper or bubble wrap in boxes.

What can I do to keep costs down during my move?
You should mention your cost concerns during your initial call with the pricing rep. Similar to airlines or hotels, most moving companies have a sliding scale of prices that reflect supply and demand on a particular day. Generally, the summer months are the busiest. Saturdays and the beginning and end of each month are busy year-round. The less busy times tend to be Monday through Thursday in the middle weeks of the month. Being flexible with your move date helps to ensure you get the best value. Additionally, a professional moving company will take the time to provide you with advice about other cost-saving measures, including efficient preparation in advance of moving day.

Can I keep costs down by having a family member or friend help with the move?
Having your friends move you in a rented truck may seem to be the lowest cost option, but it may turn out to be a costly nightmare. Back injuries, friends who back out at the last minute, damages, nicks and scratches and other uncertainties can make it a very stressful moving day. Ask anyone who moved themselves and most will say they wish they had hired a moving company. Choose Point A to Point B Moving and you’ll be happy you did.

Is tipping standard? 
Most customers tip between 10%-15% but tips are not required.

How is the cost estimate determined on a local move?
We base our estimates for local moves on an hourly rate. The rate depends on the number of movers and the number of trucks that are required for the job. The time billed should begin when they arrive at your home and end when they are finished unloading and assembling everything in your new home. 

What if my move takes less or more time than the estimate?

If the move takes less time than the Estimate of Charges, you will only pay for the time the movers have worked, prorated at 30 minutes increments. Please note, we do have 2 hours minimum on all labor jobs.

Why might my job take longer than the estimated time?

There are several factors that could lead into having a higher Bill of Lading. You may have accumulated more items than you think you have. Greater walking distance at the pick-up and/or the drop-off location, traffic between the origin and the destination, bad weather conditions (our company policy is that we do not drive on toll ways),  flights of stairs, unable to use an elevator, restrictions to parking, and other unanticipated factors. Please be sure and have the keys to your new residence as this will expedite the moving process

Do you provide wardrobe boxes for my hanging clothes?

Yes,  wardrobe boxes are provided. Each wardrobe box will hold 2 linear feet of hanging clothes.  If you need wardrobe boxes, please contact our office prior to the day of your move.

You got questions, We have answers!

 When should I obtain an estimate for my move?Obtaining a quote for your move should be done as soon as you are aware that you will be moving. Every quote provided by a moving company should be free and it should not require a cash deposit. That also applies for in-home estimates if necessary. Beware of companies that require you to put money up front in order to obtain a quote.

Do you bring supplies and equipment with the truck?Yes, our trucks are fully equipped with any supplies and equipment you could need the day of the move. All of our equipment are free to use for your move by our movers: Blankets, dollies, tools, hand trucks, ladder, carts, straps, runners, tape, shrink and bubble wrap.

How to get an accurate estimate?

When getting an estimate, it is important that you are as descriptive as possible. Make a complete list of all the items that need to be moved, including any miscellaneous. Small items may look easy to move but if they are not packed properly, could require multiple walking trips to the truck or having to take the elevator in your building many times. Large items should always be precisely described since we do require a larger crew size for heavy items. 

frequently asked questions

Will you disconnect my appliances?

 Yes, our men will disconnect/reconnect your non-gas appliances. 

What are some of the limited liabilities?

Due to the lack of structural integrity, Point A to Point B Moving is not liable for damages that occur to any furniture made out of pressed wood or particle board.
Point A to Point B Moving shall not be held liable for damages of items that exist prior to the move.
Point A to Point B Moving shall not be held liable for damages of items in storage that were placed by another moving company, for which we were hired to unload the items out from the storage.
Point A to Point B Moving shall not be held liable for damages to items due to refusal to protect them with blankets, shrink wrap, boxes, custom crating, and/or any other form of protection.
Point A to Point B Moving shall not be held liable for damages to a couch, wall, door-frame, or stairway if the couch we are trying to move is too big and does not fit properly during the course of the move.

Are you a licensed mover? 
Yes, we are fully licensed and insured by the state of Texas. Our US Department of Transportation number is 2883782. Our Texas Department of Motor Vehicle number is 007017896C.

Will my move be insured? 

We carry the standard coverage that is required by the Texas Department of transportation. Basic Liability is the minimum coverage under which your goods can be released and is provided by us at no additional cost. The maximum liability for your shipment is established by multiplying the weight by $0.60 per pound per article. Insurance can be purchased at your expense.

 Example: A dresser weighing 150 lbs:
$0.60 per pound per article: $90.00

➢ Example: B stereo weighing 10 lbs:
$0.60 per pound per article: $6.00

Do you offer competitive pricing? 
Yes. We will meet or beat any reputable company's written estimate..

Will there be any hidden costs? 
No. All costs will be given to you prior to the move date.

Is it true I get $25 for every referral I send?
Yes, we will reward you with a $25 gift card for every referral you send us, so get busy spreading the word.

Does Point A to Point B Moving give back to the community? 
Yes, a portion of every move is donated to North Dallas Dog Rescue. We love our little furry people! 

Will the movers call me prior to arrival? 
Yes. The office or the crew will call 30 minutes prior to arrival at your specified location.

What items will not be moved? 
The following items or any items similar to the items mentioned below: unboxed items, butane or propane tanks, combustible or flammable chemicals, acids of any kind, adhesives, paints, combustible engines containing fuel or oil, aerosol cans, ammunition, charcoal briquettes, alcohol, animals, and live plants.

How to Choose the Right Moving Company?
Do not use a broker!  Current consumer protection laws related to the movement of household goods do not apply to Household Goods Brokers. Once a broker sells you, he sells the job to the highest bidder, and he is no longer responsible to you. Brokers are not licensed to do the actual moves. With a broker you’ll never know who is going to show up on moving day and they will usually charge you a lot more then you where told by the broker. Always ask are you a broker?

Don’t let a moving company bait you with low hourly rates. A professional moving company is sure to perform your move more efficiently and protect your belongings and that’s what ultimately saves you money.

Occasionally, no matter how careful a moving company is, an item may be damaged. That’s why it’s important to ask the moving company about their claims policy.
Verify that the moving company is insured. Verify that the moving company is licensed and regulated. You can inquire by checking the Department of Transportation (DOT) website.

What forms of payment are accepted? 
Cash, debit cards, and all major credit cards

Point A to Point B Moving

Contact: 972-765-4274 | Info@PointAtoBMoving.com

Will I get a receipt of the charges?

Yes, you will receive a copy of the Estimate of Charges and Bill of Lading. Please keep it for your records and for tax purposes.